Color Pickers in Excel

Color Picker1 Color Picker2 Color Picker3

There are 3 different Color Pickers Built into Excel

  • Color Picker1 - has 56 Colors and uses themes
  • Color Picker2 - has 133 Colors
  • Color Picker3 - has over 1,000,000 Colors and uses RGB Values
  • Excel does not have the built-in ability to use the HTML Color Names to pick a Color

    Here are the HTML Colors by Name as a PDF file Colorsme.p1-3.pdf

    or you can downloan and install Colorme.xmls to help.

    Colorme contains VBA Code that allows you to enter the HTML color names instead of RGB code.

    Colorme changes Fill colors and Font Colors for Worksheets, Shapes (Illustrations) and Text Boxes.

    Colorme displays RGB Color Codes needed to change colors in Color Picker 3 for anything else.

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