Helping The Color Blind Achieve Color Selecting Equality Within Excel
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Colorme-Mini works within Microsoft Excel 365 but doesn't work with Excel Mobile on Windows 10 Tablets

Colorme-Mini is "Freeware" and is Free to use and distribute providing no changes are made to the App and it is not sold as part of any Commercial Product

Download Colorme-Mini          Download Here

Colorme-Mini must be open at the same time as your worksheet

Enable Macroes - Colorme-Mini contains 3 Macroes and will not work if Macroes are not enabled

Select the cell(s) to colorize then goto /View Menu then Select /Macro then run /Macro

Enter Color Name when prompted

Power Point Presentation - Part1 About ColorBlindness         Download Here

Power Point Presentation - Part2 For The Color Blind Audience         Download Here

Power Point Presentation - Part3 For The Color Blind Creator         Download Here

PDF Examples Showing Colorme-Mini Print Screens        > Here

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