Computer Associates

             Jan 2007 - May 2007

Situation: A series of failures of several large publicly traded corporations (Including Enron and WorldCom) resulted in new Accounting Standards known at the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Virtually all publicly traded companies on the NY Stock Exchange needed to be "Sox Compliant."

Computer Associates needed to be Sox Compliant.

An accounting firm came in and made recommendations (a series of controls) that were put into a program called RCTS. Over a thousand controls were included for the US, fewer controls were added for other counties. Some of the controls were implemented Daily, some Weekly, some Monthly, Some Yearly, and some were Dependant on other Specific actions. A calendar with Due dates was included.

Some of the controls were simple (required a signature and date) some were more complicated. RCTS had no built-in reporting facility.

I was hired and worked as part of a team that tracked and reported on the compliance with the controls. When a failure occurred, New Controls were added to insure the end result (ie Accurate Reporting on Financial Statements)

I produced reports on "All" controls, "Fraud" Controls, "Key" Controls, "Dashboard" (remaining untested Controls).

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