Html Special Characters ISO 8859-1      

There are three Major Character Sets in use on Computers in the US and Western Europe

ISO 8859-1
Windows 1252
Unicode UFT-8

On the Internet, there are several Web Sites that list the first 255 Characters in ISO 8859-1 but there are between 10,000 to 11,000 characters that are available. Most of these are additions to the alphabets for the 170 languages that are supported on the internet.

In addition to the alphabetical characters, there are also graphic characters and mathematical symbols. I created the Master List below to make these available for use on the internet. I checked the appearance of these images in the Internet Explorer (version 7 and version 8), Opera, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome and they appear in all. The font used was Arial. I only included characters that appeared in all of the browsers. I did not include Characters other than English or the mathematical Symbols.

Step 1

The following line should be added to your web page to use ISO 8859-1

      < meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" >

      If you don't select ISO-8859-1 then the the type selected will be whatever your browser is using. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't.

Step 2

Then add the Character codes to your Web Page. The Master List contains the most commonly used symbols
There are numeric codes and alphabetical codes

The alphabetical codes all begin with an "&" and end with a ";". The code is always lower case. There are no spaces in the middle.
The numeric codes all begin with a "&" followed by a "#" followed by the number and a ";" at the end. There are no spaces in the middle.

Feel free to check the other Tables for characters or symbol you can't find in the Master List.

Click for Masterlist

Click for Hebrew

Click for 1-999            (includes Latin and Roman symbols)
Click for 1000-1999    (includes Hebrew, Arabic and Russian symbols)
Click for 2000-2999
Click for 3000-3999
Click for 4000-4999
Click for 5000-5999
Click for 6000-6999
Click for 7000-7999
Click for 8000-8999    (includes mathematical and logical symbols)
Click for 9000-9999
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