Schlumberger/EMR PhotoElectric

             Three Years

Situation: This was one of my first jobs at the start of my career

I worked for EMR PhotoElectric - a 100% owned subsidiary of Schlumberger. EMR PhotoElectric manufactured specialized Ceramic Tubes - mostly used in Oil Well Logging.

I was hired by the Accounting Department as a computer operator for an IBM Series 32 Computer and later IBM Series 36.

The company was exceptionally well run and everyone was encouraged to learn the jobs of other people in the department (coverage). I was the Accounts Payable Backup, "Mag Card" Backup and Payroll Backup.

I also got my first start in Programming at EMR. I updated the existing RPG Programs and I created new Payroll Pension Modules

I also setup, in Lotus 123, an inventory of tubes using Fifo for costs.

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