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You hired a Web Designer and have a visually appealing Website but does it really work?
Do people go to the site once and don't want to come back?
What's wrong with your WebSite?

We identify the problems in usability, functionality and consistency
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I recently visited several Websites on one day and identified the following problems

Problem# 1: Website Usability (Ease of Use)
I was looking for a book on xxxxx.com and xxxxx.com offers ability to sort the results but not by title and not by author I knew the publisher (yyyyyy.com), but not the author. nor the exact title nor the ISBN. Approximately 683 items were found

Can you think of a bigger waste of time?

Problems# 2: Incomplete Search Results (Website Functionality)
I then tried yyyyy.com (the publisher). They offered the ability to select a list by subject, and some by a Sub-category. This sounded promising, but this option produced incomplete results. Some books were offered in the main subject but ot in the sub-category, some were only in the main category. There were 529 books listed but 92 were missing from either the subject list or the sub-category (17% incomplete)

Obviously no-one actually checked the Search Results.

Problem# 3: Outdated information
While it seems obvious, Web Sites need to be updated for new products. I found 5 books (2 recent and 3 older books) that were not listed on the publishers Web site

Potential Customers can't place orders on-line if the books aren't listed. Also, a product list is a way to tell people what your (new) products are.

Problems# 4: Website Consistency (Website Plannng)
Still looking for a book, I signed onto zzzzz.com
On most of their pages, zzzzz.com has 1 book per visual line but for this publisher (yyyyy.com), they used a special format and did not offer the ability switch to their standard of one per visual line.
The special format did not allow sorting, was set at 20 lines (60 Books) per page, and was for sale items only (did not include the full list by publisher)

Finding a book on biology on sale when you are looking for a history doesn't work for me does it work for you?

Problem# 5: Website Navigation (Clutter on page, overkill of flash/use of multiple rss feeds on same visual page)
Still looking for a book, I signed onto qqqqq.com qqqqq.com (another publisher) who has multiple businesses including publishing. The first page, has a series of moving objects that while visually appealing, offers no way to stop the madness (motion) and look for the correct page.

I had to search the Website for the correct page.

Problem# 6: The Helpless Desk
One of the options of the internet explorer is "Export to Excel." I couldn't get it to work so I called the Helpless Desk. The women at the other end told me that all of the people at that help desk were using Google Chrome. Less than 10% of the US users have Google Chrome installed

This was a setup for failure. If you plan on outsourcing Tech support make certain they have the resources to provide tech support.

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